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08-06-2012, 09:14 AM
Buff provisions are for buying 4-hour consumables that give you +1 through +10 boosts to skills in that division.
Operational Asset provisions are for buying special abilities you can use in starbase related missions. Some of these, like the spinal lance, invokes a special power for the starbase or your ship, others summon ships or NPCs to help defend the starbase.

Both of those come in different types for each division. The Operations Quartermaster sells buffs and assets sorted by which division they're for.

Fleet ship provisions are for any ships bought with fleet credit - either the fleet retrofits or just the standard tier 5 ones that don't take fleet modules.

Personal Requisitions are for equipment. Engineering ones are for weapons, armor, and engines. Science is for deflectors, shields, and hangars.

When you see things like Operational Asset: Science I or Operational Asset: Science III, those are just different levels of the assignment you get as your starbase progresses - higher levels cost more but give more provisions. For example, my fleet is making ships 7 at a time now instead of the 5 we started at.