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08-06-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post

Tac: Keep the BO seating from the Patrol Escort
Eng: EPtS1 / EPtS2 (put both into tray 7)
Sci: ST1 / TSS2 (just like PE) and HE1 (unlike AtSIF1 on the PE, don't put this into tray 7)
Gotcha, boff skills set. Now working on the consoles and keybinds. About the keybind file: I see "FirePhasers" there. My current build is all tetryon, both weapons and tac consoles. All I did was change my aft beams for turrets as per your specs. Q: how can I modify the file for tetryon weapons?

A really important ingredient of these builds are the 3 borg set elements (console, deflector, engine). If you don't have them already, get them. The healing you receive from the set bonus is incredibly useful.
Yeah, I got the borg set. Will have to go back to STFs (ugh...) to get the MACO shield.

Again, thanks!
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