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08-06-2012, 01:16 PM
Had a good one last night, and not really due to drops or objectives cleared, more so due to the fact we finished with only three people.

Was running my Oddy Disruptor boat and we only started with 4 in the PuG. It was myself and three escorts and about halfway through taking down the first cube one of the other guys either DC'd or just straight up quit, leaving us with 3 people and 2 1/2 cubes to take down before spawning the carrier.

It took forever, and we missed the objective on keeping the Kang above 75% hull because it was difficult to protect the ship and do enough sustained DPS to bring down the nanites/cubes and spawning ships in quick fashion. I wound up playing tank/healer while spamming BFAW and torp spreads trying to keep all the ships off the escorts so they could take out the cubes. Basically flying from the Kang back to the cube in circles to heal and grab aggro of the BOPs and warships. Gained a lot of respect for the Oddy in the process since I was still kind of 50/50 on the ship as a whole and it turns out it's a pretty solid tanking ship. Surprisingly we had no deaths and were able to make pretty short work of the carrier. All things considered it was pretty satisfying that everybody else stayed in it and we were able to finish with just 3 players.