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Originally Posted by lostusthorn View Post
Voyager completely ruined the borg.
In the begin they where this force of nature, 10s of thousands of years old collective and what not. then they introduced the borg queen because the writers thought movie goers are to stupid to graps the concept of a enemy without a head figure. And then came voyager and trivialized them to the point of absurdity, changing their backstory, even how old the collective is, 500 years or so ...

If you give us borg, give us the real thing, not those outcast joke borg voyager encountered.
STO has continued neutering the Borg from Voyager. In TNG the Borg were awesome, and damn frightening because you didn't know if you'd actually be able to overcome or defeat them. Every encounter with them was basically snatching victory from the jaws of death by the seat of your pants pulling something out of your butt at the last minute. Now the Borg are pathetic as an enemy group in STO. They are laughably easy in most encounters, I mean now one science ship with phasers and photons can take out a cube when in TNG one cube would turn entire fleets into burning scrap, that's hilarious. Even the Undine seem weak in this game for supposedly being this superior race. The only villain groups in STO worth their salt are the Jem Hadar and the Breen and there is little content with them.