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Originally Posted by imperialmirror View Post
This is a heads up to the leaders of the fleets of STO. We recently had a player that was trusted in the fleet. He waited until he earn a high rank in my fleet and then he stole from our fleet bank and left. This player is {removed}

This did not effect me at all but it does effect the players that are new to STO and need this gear. Players like this player ruin other players experiences with fleet. Players like him should not be allowed to be in fleet.

If you see this player in game, im not saying to never allow him in your fleet. Im just saying to watch him. I didn't and he ripped our fleet off.
Sorry, no such thing... technically, there is no bank/robbing raiding in STO. The player only used the access that was granted them by the fleet leadership. He had access to withdraw, and he did.

My fleet life has become some much happier since I realized this little nugget. I dont restrict my bank too much. Everyone with rank above recruit can withdraw (within limits). If I didnt want that much taken from the bank, I would set the limit lower.
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