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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
The command is called "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers" and this simply means that it fires all energy weapons. It is not actually related to the particular energy type. So it is not necessary to modify it.
Roger that.

For consoles: I suppose you could drop one armor console and get a second field generator.
Armor? Not sure I follow. You mean drop one armor and get the RCS? Wouldn't that make me even more vulnerable?

Oh, and I don't even have one field generator. This is my current console build:

Eng: Neutronium Alloy Mk XI + Monotanium Alloy Mk XII
Sci: Biofunction Monitor Mk XII + Power Insulator Mk XII + Emitter Array Mk XII (Yeah, don't ask.)
Tac: Prefire Chamber Mk XII + 2 Tetryon Pulse Generator Mk XII + Borg Universal Module

I'm thinking working on the sci consoles first, then gradually switch the rest depending on how it all works out. The field gens alone cost a small fortune, and as you can see I've already spent a lot of dough. All my cannons -and now turrets too- are purple Mk XI [Acc]xX or [CrtD]xX too. You can imagine why I'm so frustrated with PvP.

Again, thanks for your time and patience. I really do appreciate it.
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