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08-06-2012, 02:21 PM
The xindi-doffs come from the federation z-store doff pack and are ultra-rare,the klingon 1 has dahar-master korloth, a sulibon, a super rare ferasan and a couple of others, so far i have a xindi-arboreal, reptile and primate, i dont have the insectoid and i sold my acquatic , which i found is actually worth a fortune to the PVP crowd because of its unique ability. (that came from a fleet member who also has another toon in a pure PVP fleet), for 120million ec and i offered him up in zone chat and was offered that, i didnt even get to the exchange .

Most times it just depends what players are on and weather you will get a proper answer and not stupid one's in return, it does happen but not very often (a normal answer that is :p)