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08-06-2012, 01:38 PM
First, as I said above, I earn 3,000 Zen per month in total: 500 from my Stipend and 2,500 more from playing. That's enough for me to buy a new C-Store ship each month and Keys - though I don't buy Keys as I have no real interest in Lockboxes.

Second, as I also said above, Lockboxes make the company money. That money pays for development. We have Fleetbases because Lockboxes paid to develop them. We'll have a new Zone and Missions with Season 7 because Lockboxes paid to develop them. Lockboxes make money, which pays for everything else.

Third, anyone spending $400.00-$500.00 to get a Lockbox ship is an major idiot who should be sterilized so-as to not pass on their lunacy.
3000 zen wouldn't be enough either if you didn't notice I said I spend 4 to 500 hundred trying to get the lock box ship. 3k zen is what? a $30 shot? Still wouldn't notice it much. Although that would get me a few 10 packs so maybe I would notice it.

2nd. Yes, I do agree, it makes the company money and allot of it. I am saying if you spend allot on the game there needs to be more of a reward compared to someone who is a cheapskate and isn't interested in the lock box ships. Hell, how can you defend it if you aren't even a person who actually does spend on the lock boxes? You have no room or basis to talk about it.

3rd how can you brag about how lock boxes make the company money and defend that (yet not spend any money on it yourself) then state someone is an idiot for making the company money? Troll, go post on something you actually have the right to talk about.