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Originally Posted by pyryck View Post
Over 30-day old thread...

But I've said countless times before...if you want equal content then produce the same volume of players with an equal interest in the Klingon story. Those numbers will not lie. They will prove that there is an un-tapped source of potential income to be made by providing more Klingon content.

Until then, be happy that you do have more than "monster-play".

At least the Klingon faction is playable.
This is the kind of backward logic Cryptic has been using for a while now. The argument could be made if the Klingon faction had equal or almost equal content to the Federation, but without that, there is no reason not to assume that the people do not play KDF because there is no content. The faster levelling since F2P doesn't cover it up.

To me the cheapest way to create new content for both factions would be to revamp PvP. First of all, a basic ranking system with three tiers so that players don't fear PvP. Second, content needs to be diversified. Different types of PvP scenarios, more diverse rewards and some basic territory control + a Romulan faction. A diverse and perhaps more strategy based PvP (or even player with player interactions, like trade missions) would be able to satisfy end game players while allowing the devs to focus on developping the KDF and possibly a Romulan faction (which I'm still hoping for, lol)