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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
doesn't take much to dip into that 90 degree arc for a torp out of a broadside, or go back into a broadside after the torp fires. pulling 80 running all BA's means when you batteries and eptw are on cooldown you're throwing spitballs...might as well not even shoot until power hits 125, one salvo then wait again.

6xBA is more practical, allows you to maintain dps without significant drops regardless of whether additional power buffs are available. allows you to use your tac abilities anytime...they still benefit more when you have a power buff running but even without far more effective than 8 BA's.

not sure when the last time some of you suggesting 8ba's ran a beam boat....but power consumption skyrocketed several patches back (before s6) forced me to rework my beam cruiser with a serious eye towards power drain vs dps and number of beam arrays. 8 slams power levels down, even worse if using FAW or BO. spitwads.

cruisers require more finesse in maneuvering to get the most out of them than charge in cannons blazing escorts. needless to say skills, boff abilities need more tuning as well. the only cruiser boost that's really needed is in the power department...kind of ridiculous that a ship so much larger than an escort shares the same power characteristics with regards to drain and recharge.
Agreed, 5-6 beams seems like plenty and more practical now. On my Advanced Heavy Re-fit I run 5 BAs and 3 Torps(2 fore, 1 aft) with HY II and Spread III. The Excelsior turns fast enough to take advantage of the torps when they are loaded(great with DOFFs that lower recharge time) and with 5 disruptor arrays going full blast I can dish out some pretty solid DPS(seen over 2k per shot once the debuff kicks in) and great burst damage with Torp Spread 3, especially when the torpedoes critical.