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08-06-2012, 10:20 PM
Since this won't sink down soon anyway, I can just chime in. Do I have to bring black robes, candles and some unholy tome to chant from? Nevermind ...

On topic: I'm pretty sure the numbers don't lie, ~13-20% of the player would be interested in playing Klingon. Why did I use bold set for that? Because there's the mistake they made when asking their questions: they asked for Klingons.
Of course few people like Klingons. They are ugly and brutish. Yes, with honor, courage, and all the other virtues, a lot more intersting to RP, a lot more scenic, a lot more fun ... yeah, I'm prefering Klingon side myself ... but that's not the average.
And I wouldn't want to see the numbers if they asked for Nausicaans instead.

BUT(!): what they failed to ask was Orion. Yes, the Green Space Hookers. In WoW, introducing Blood Elves on Horde Side, which to that point had pretty much only ugly races, managed to fix a faction imbalance from >2:1 to nearly 1:1. Just overnight.
Why? How? ... Well, because people don't like to be ugly. And especially the juvenile males have only ONE set of options that they prefer above "handsome heroic male hero who gets the girls" ... and that is "the hot chick that makes you play with a constant boner". Sorry for being blunt

STO alreay HAS these. STO just fails to capitalize on it. KDF fails to capitalize on it. If you went around and asked people what they'd rather play, the hot human/trill/bajoran in miniskirt and mirror universe top, or the hot green chick in ... a lot less clothing ... you'd get a lot closer to 1:1 ratio! Same as asking what side they'd rather play on.

I know this sounds a bit cynical, maybe even trollish, but it isn't, it's just a realistic perception of human urges, and how to use them. If you wanted to get rid of the faction imbalance, all you'd need is a small campaign featuring Orion slave girls. And maybe a short questline that features them, too.
Instant surge in KDF activity.
Sure, 'might not be the kind of activity you want (fap, fap, fap), but the solution is right there. Sex sells. Virtual, too. Pixel-perverts buy.

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