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08-06-2012, 09:39 PM
Hmm. Deadspacex64 had a solid idea.
If Cruisers had an innate buff to power recharge (EPS) and a little innate drain resistance specifically geared towards weapon drain, that would be interesting. Still wouldn't put them anywhere near on par with escorts (but then, I don't think they should be).

As it is, my dps isn't too shabby for a cruiser. (according to logs I've been parsing).
My primary job is still tanking and aggro management.
2x EP2W, 2x EP2S, points in performance and appropriate power levels.
6 beams, fore and aft torp. 2x phaser relays. (Gal-R).
The ONLY thing I lost was one of my two eng teams. (kept the other, A2SIF, Ext3, and RSP).
I still tank and support my team as well as before.
Just have to keep balancing the EPtS/W to keep things maxed.
Oh, and if you're an Eng, make use of Nadion Inversion
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