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# 17 my gut reaction is
08-06-2012, 10:41 PM they do not...they have plenty of ways to dps in addition to their phasers/cannons/dualsies.

They are not built to hand out dps in the same way an escort does.

Flying a beam boat is also a recipe for trouble in my experiences...way too much power usage w/o a kick like a kinetic can offer.

The best compromise thus far is the gal x...which i love and declare as the best cruiser of the game for the Feds.

Before anyone claims it does not turn worth a hill of beans my reaction is duh........Using tractors and repulsors will keep your enemies in your most lethal fire arcs.

In pvp they arer less useful but in PVE they rock...move slow..control your speed bursts......ALSO A LITTLE trick i will divulge........going to max impulse then stopping while at max impulse i.e lowering your speed but keeping the max impulse lit up allows you to stop much faster..I use it in my carrier all the time. I am not sure if this is an oversight or if they envisioned the max power also stopping you faster but i know it works.....I can stop on a dime in my will take practice though.

If you want a cruiser to do more dps...get a tac in there...their innate abilities really help... I also find that investing in power to weapons 3 gives a solid boost to my damage although still not as good as other tac buffs. Also there are engineer abilities that penetrate shields more effectively and boost your dps. The other ability that damages them over time and degrades their dps is also Jim Dandy...

Coupled with venting gas and tractors to weaken their shields (assign the right doffs) you can be laying waste to most mobs in STF's and also surviving them.....

Make sure to specialize in your weapons of choice as it energy or kinetic...all the boosts can help.....

As a side note....PLEASE do not come to STF's thinking that "Fire at WILL" or "Beam overload" will save the day alone......Fire at will is garbage when the skies are filled with targets.Beam over,load will do a spike amount of damage then you face a brief time where u need a recharge...and on a beam boat with 8 banks you will recharge so slowly unless u commit the right buffs and have the eps etc.

I was in an stf (when they were working) and quite literally had 4 cruisers and me in a sci and they all were "fire at will" I just have to giggle to myself when i think the dps they are wasting..
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