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Originally Posted by adabisi View Post
As a side note....PLEASE do not come to STF's thinking that "Fire at WILL" or "Beam overload" will save the day alone......Fire at will is garbage when the skies are filled with targets.Beam over,load will do a spike amount of damage then you face a brief time where u need a recharge...and on a beam boat with 8 banks you will recharge so slowly unless u commit the right buffs and have the eps etc.

I was in an stf (when they were working) and quite literally had 4 cruisers and me in a sci and they all were "fire at will" I just have to giggle to myself when i think the dps they are wasting..
I use FAW2.
While it does increase my damage on say, 2-4 targets, on large groups, it's not about the damage.
If you see me using FAW on a large group of, say, 6 spheres... it's to keep them aggro'd on me and not you.
With max threat and decent DPS, it does just that.

I'm built to tank. Keeping things shooting at me is my job.
FAW helps us tanks do that very well.

So, next time you're giggling about it, keep in mind, that cruiser in a beam boat FAW'ing a large group is doing it to take a bullet for you.
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