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08-06-2012, 09:52 PM
Just slightly off topic starcommando

While a good cruiser won't do as much damage as a good escort, a good cruiser will still do more than enough damage to finish a a starbase defense.

And a well setup science vessel is invaluable, though having 4 or 5 might be a bit off. But having 4 or 5 of any one type is a bit unbalanced.
What is a good cruiser?

Sci vessels are useless, seems carriers are the new Sci vessels. I never see a need for them in Elite and above.

3 cruisers and 2 escorts should be more then enough to finish an Elite STF or Federation Fleet Alert. Right now timers are forcing 3 or more escorts into every match. With 4 escorts and 1 cruiser you can dominate any Elite STF or Fleet Starbase mission. 5 Escorts can dominate most things. My fleet is now telling newer players to go Escort at T5 or they won't be getting into many of our fleet events since 2 cruisers in an event is a waist of time. Only exception to the escort rule is if you go carrier. Most players want to play a cruiser and they are not able to. Cruisers should be the mainstay of a Fed fleet but they no longer are.

Now I am not in a fleet cruiser yet but it looks like they are ramping up the Elite STF's and Fleet events to get ready for the fleet ships. Ramp up what you have now that way you don't have to make new STF's or missions. Not saying that is what they are doing but if I wanted to go cheap that is how I would do it....