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08-06-2012, 10:32 PM
Actually both sci and cruisers are perfectly fine ... what's lacking are the captains.

Anectodal evidence to illustrate: 'been flying around on my fresh VA Eng today, in a MAC (nice ship, and supercheap on exchange, 'allowed me to spent my RA token on a RSV instead, basically 120k dil saved at less than 1M EC), still with pretty much all green Mk X items that I got her from exhange at level 40. No borg console yet, no active duty DOffs, just the basic BOff-layout. As I wanted to see how well my build worked and how far I am from STF-readiness, I had DPS-meter running.
'Got three Borg Red Alerts on my tour. Perfect opportunities to test. Each time, there was an Oddy in there, too, last one even a Tac in Tac Oddy.
Result: I out-dps'ed the first two Oddys by 50%, and the Tac by 20%. And of course tanked everything just fine, as that's what the ship is build for.
Right, I out-dps'ed THEM! In a crappy geared simple T5 ship. Versus geared C-Store ships. 20-50%!
In fact, I out-dps'ed everyone in all three encounters, even two VA Escorts.
That simply should not happen.
But it tells you what's really wrong with cruisers.

As for Science Vessels ... you're kiddin me, right? SVs, if build well, deal nearly as much damage as a cruiser, and they can buff the whole group's dps by a huge amounts with a well-placed Grav-well (setting up for AoE) or Tiken's (draining shields to non-existence).
But, again: this takes a bit of skill. If done wrong, you're indeed useless - a well played SV though can keep itself alive forever in PvE, carry its share of dps AND boost group dps.
Everything, but not useless!

It's just a lot harder to totally screw up a Tac/Escort build - but, as already mentioned above, far from impossible.

'Doesn't mean that having more than one SV and Cruiser each is optimal, though. One cruiser that tanks is better than another Escort ... the second cruiser though WILL result in a loss of group effiency. The first SV buffs group dps further than you'd get by having another escort ... the second though reduces the damage to be buffed by more than the second set of debuffs makes up for.
... though that doesn't mean either that this makes PvE content impossible. Even 2 Cruisers and 3 SV can breeze through content, if they're played right. In fact, they'll still beat 5 Escorts that chain-explode as they lack a tank, which is quite a common sight, too.