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08-06-2012, 11:52 PM
lots of misinformation. stop reading when you get to my first post op. weapons power currently having a usable pool over125 makes all this none 8 beam array advice wrong. using 8 beam arrays when overcaped to around 150 power with 2x BOs and 1 eps console and a stack of weapons batteries will be legitimate damage dealing. the other valid option is 4 single cannons and 4 turrets on ether an excelsior or galor. kdf cruisers with 2 turn consoles can use a DBB, DHCs, and aft turrets quite successfully too. every other weapons build is just spitting into the wind.

well, in pve anything works fine, and thats the problem. thats why everyone thinks they are giving good advice. in an environment where you need to use 100% of your ship's potential to win, what i have advised works, and the rest doesn't.
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