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08-06-2012, 11:13 PM
First of all get out of sci oddy. The sensor analysis buff takes a while to get up, so you better target big ships instead frigates. That ship is not a tactical ship. If you are not a tactical captain, you will never even get close to escort.

dontdrunkimshoot suggestion is solid, as it doesn't require you to be specially agile or trying to utilize torpedoes in combat. Ie. everyone can do it.

I brought Assault Cruiser (tactical captain) for PvE during weekend and had really no issue. I actually felt I was killing more stuff than my teams escorts (PUG).

I use 2 beam arrays front, 2x photons front, 3 beam arrays aft, 1 photon aft (with 2-3 purple torpedo doffs). But then again, I like moving around and running in middle of combat, hence why I often face my target and when I do, the torpedo barrage makes short work of anything in PvE. I just move like a snake in a slithering pattern switching from broadside to front to unload torps, then pass the target and finish with aft HYT, then switching to some target before me and shoot it. Basically I'm nothing like those cruiser pilots that just sit there and shoot.

There is really many ways how you can play cruiser in PvE, but I have always found 8 beam cruisers dull gameplay experience tho.

Also, if you want to destroy stuff quickly, fly an escort.