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Originally Posted by synthiasuicide View Post
Sorry, I love cruisers, and wasted so much actual money buyng them. But, the fact is a newb in an escort beats a newb in a cruiser as a wignman in elite missions/fleet missions.

My last pug was 5 escorts, and there was no need for a 10% rule on ISE, We blew everything in record time and it was over ridiculously fast. 1 Patrol escort, 1 MVAE, 2 Defiants, and a Raptor.

Take the same situation only make it 5 cruisers, which Ive done before in a pug, and forget making the optional, just pray you'll actually finish sometime that day. lol

That is the problem. An escort makes the difference no matter what group your with, no matter the number in the group, 1,2,3,4,5.
A cruiser or Sci ship. not the same can be said.

I see STO's current state as being ruled by Escorts and Carriers. The Armitage is the perfect Hybrid, that I have yet to buy, but will soon. I run 3 toons and wanted them all to play diferrently, but thats just adding to the grind by sticking them in a ship other then a EScort or Carrier.
That is the same issue I am running into. Cruisers do not matter where as Escorts and Carriers do. If I see a SCI ship I just see waisted dps generally. A carrier can snare but still has great DPS and can take hits. Take a carrier over SCI anyday. Rather have escorts though. Problem with a SCI ship is you have to count on that SCI knowing exactly how to build and setup his ship. Not only that but when to use his skills. SCI ships take insane amount of skill to use. If you do a random elite STF generally you can assume that sci isn't going to be very good.

We did do a test to see if changing out the eng/cruiser to tac/cruiser made a difference and 3 of those cruisers with tac officers made a huge difference. Enough so we could beat Federation Fleet Alert with 3 cruisers. Put 3 Engineers in cruisers though and forget it. 2 eng/escorts and 3 tacs/cruisers can pull it off with about 40 seconds to spare. Now change that to 2 cruisers of any officer and 3 escorts.....NP! 4 escorts and a cruiser NP, 5 Escorts and it was soo easy it wasn't even funny.

Engineers are better in tac ships
Tactical are better in cruisers
SCI goes good in any ship but a SCI vessel. Great in carriers

This seems to be how it is going.