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I've opened roughly 60-70 lock boxes between Tholian and Ferengi and gotten 4 ships, 1 Jem Bug Ship(which I sold for a ridiculous amount of ECs and have been gearing all 5 of my toons with ever since) and 3 of the Mirror Ships(1 AC, 2 SC). That's right around 6% chance so far. Honestly I don't really get the big deal about the ships, half the time the special consoles you can get are better anyways and it's nice to be able to buy the dual batteries with lobi crystals.
You only got 1 rare ship. Those other 3 are a dime a dozen. So sick of seeing those things. This thread was more about letting you switch the box ships from toon to toon on the same account. This thread instead convinced me spending any money for these ships is just a waist and pretty stupid. If I do get a ship then I can never start that class/char over again since I opened a ship on it. If I do start another char then I completely waisted any money I used to get the ship. Like right now I have a bug ship that isn't opened. If I would have used that bug ship on my main tac captain I would no longer be using it again since I started a Caitian tac officer. I like my Caitain Tac officer loads better then my orginal tac. What if Cryptic comes out with another species I want to try? Either way you go, using boxes = screwed.