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08-07-2012, 12:44 AM
Ever since Day 1 of the Foundry and us having to "level up" our test characters, it has always bugged me. Our testing characters should be actual testing characters, not us playing on a private server.

Our Foundry Testing Toons should be "blank slates" that are adjusted to the level of the Foundry Mission. For example, you create a Mission with Borg or Undine in it, and your character is promoted to Level 50.

Everything you need like Skill Investments, Bridge Officer Abilities, Equipment (Space and Ground), and Ships used should all have premade defaults. So we select the options that fit our needs the best and the Mission saves them.

This bypasses the need to "level up", and can focus specifically what they are intended for........Foundry Mission Testing.

I hope the Foundry Team reads this and considers what I just suggested. If we have the right stuff, we can push the limits or tone them down to ensure players having fun.