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Originally Posted by synthiasuicide View Post
I'm blown away by Cryptics lack of Capitalizing on this inevitable cash cow with ship Customization. A few skins and some ship alterations is it. Where is the Zen Store options for it?

Has anyone here played Vindictus?
That game did just that Idea great.

It works like this. Pay $5(Forget Price) to buy a Rune so you could combine the stats from one Item with the looks from another. Since there are so many great outfits, but you'd rather have the stats from said Uglier outfit, you Pay real money to Merge them.

Reman shield looks + Maco sheild stats, Burns both into one Item, Easy money for them.
Wait wait, they are already thinking of a million ways to gouge lets not give them another. Crap, I want something usable from a quest that you don't have to buy. Name 1 end game thing usable after this game went F2P you can get from a quest. And Cryptic wouldn't just charge you $5 (which really should be $1). It would be $30 to $50. After it went F2P that is all they can think about.

Alright, so what is another way we can **** the players? Let's throw in some boxes, okay what else? Lets give them outfits that look cool or sexy...okay what else, lets make all the good ships you must have to play Elite and above cost....okay what else.......let's throw in some duty officers...okay what else... Let's make all the new ship weapons random drops you have to buy..... okay what else....

Before when you buy something it went to all characters and now they are changing that as well. Now any ship you buy will have to be bought for each char. No telling how long before any outfit or species will be for only 1 char. All new ship and ground weapons have to be bought. This is a cycle that only ends with never questing again and any little step you take you buy. I wouldn't mind paying a buck or 2 to get something new but they would make it some random crystal that rarely drops out of some stupid box with a .1% of getting it.