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Thanks for the review Brian, I am glad you enjoyed the mission. I really went out on a limb a bit with the tie-ins to current day issues.

When I completed the "creature", I really had to think hard how to make it seem feasible to fit in to a Star Trek story, so I am glad you feel I did an apt job of it. I will change around the vortex entry when I get a chance, as it makes sense why it turns and warps out. Never really considered the moon would cause it to do that so thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for catching my typo at the end.

With the build and all the triggers involved with that map, it was my longest undertaking to date. The creature itself took over 2 weeks to construct and get it close to looking the way I wanted it.

Again, I appreciate the review. I plan on doing a follow up "daily" mission with the creature so I'll let you know when I have it completed. Going to Vegas Thursday for the convention with the wife. It will be my first and I'm really excited about meeting friends and others with associations to Star Trek. Maybe I will catch my "inspiration" for the next mission I will build.

Thanks again.

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