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The whole storyline that Cryptic has half-assed needs to be revamped to make sense in a single direction with outlooks that make sense to both factions as the partake in it.
Build up the confrontation between the factions before breaking it down in light of the Iconian plots.

Are we, KDF versus feds at odds or not?
Are we working together on fighting the Borg or not?
Are the Undine a threat or not?
Are the Iconians behind it or not?

The back and fore story of STO makes no sense since it has not been followed to a conclusion before moving to the next chapter and what the Devs wrote in the path to 2409 has been almost ignored in favor of fan pandering to what they feel should be going on in the Star Trek universe. Often according to canon references that ahve no bearing in STO. No wonder many new players are clueless and confused.
Cryptic has no idea what the story is anymore. They just want to keep you busy and shopping.

Frankly Ker'rat is just as old and broken as many other missions in STO. Never updated to follow the fractured and jumbled storyline that STO tries to make work but fails at.

After saying all that, Ker'rat is what it is. An open PvP zone that has the danger of getting you attacked without warning and especially at restart of the mission.
Until they change it to/and/or make sense of the storyline that they wish to use in STO, Ker'rat will always be an dangerous place to play, PvP or mine for drops.
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.

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