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Originally Posted by baz177 View Post
So I have come back to STO, again after a wee break, level 24 now and enjoying it, but I want to ask a couple of, what might be simple questions/answers.

Bridge officers, if I don't get the best ones while levelling will that cause me issues later in the game? Is it worth changing them on a regular basis or just sticking with my first ones?

Early in the game, you might be putting a lot of Bridge Officer skill points (now known as Expertise) into your Bridge Officers. Since Expertise can be hard to come by at the lower levels, you might want to hang on to the BOFF's you've upgraded and promoted.

As you get BOFFs of higher quality, they get access to skill levels that common BOFFs do not. Also, they get the benefit of improved traits that can help in ground or space combat.

If you get "unique" Bridge Officers from a Featured Episode or otherwise, you definitely want to consider hanging on to them because you can't reclaim them easily (if at all).

You might consider swapping out your BOFFs for different/higher skills, or you might try to train up the ones you have with the skills you want instead. It's a matter of taste and preference.

Sometimes I will pick up a BOFF of the same race, gender, and profession as one I already have, but with a higher quality. I make sure I save the old BOFF's costume at the Tailor, dismiss them, commission the new one, apply the saved costume, and give them the same name as my old BOFF.

Ta-Da! "Same" Bridge Officer, new stats.

The missions that are in the available tab on the quest log, do they display previously done missions? I am sure I have done a number of the explore the delta volanis cluster before...

Sometimes, depending on the mission giver. A lot of completed missions can be accessed through the Episode tab. I can't access the game right now, so I can't check for you.

Diplomatic missions, are these just normal missions but don't have combat? Do they award any different xp or anything? What about the exploration missions, are they just the same as the mission I mentioned above?

Basically, yes. A Diplomatic mission will not have any kill objectives, although there might be some incidental combat on the side. They earn Diplomatic XP in the same way that Duty Officer Diplomacy assignments do, but usually not as much. (I'm hoping Cryptic goes back and tweaks that when they get a chance)

Exploration missions do not award Exploration XP at this time. Some non-combat missions you get in an Exploration sector do award Diplomatic XP instead. Others might award data samples.

Is there a recommended way to kit out your BOFFS for ground combat or does it not make that much of a difference? Is it best to control them or leave them to their own devices?

For PvE missions on normal difficulty, it's not that critical. If you keep them in gear that's at least close to your own rank, they'll be okay.

You do want to make sure that your BOFFs have a mix of expose and exploit weapons. And it's probably best that your "medic" doesn't carry any AoE weapons... you don't want them drawing a lot of aggro from the enemy. I like to make sure at least one of my BOFFs has a pulsewave weapon if I'm fighting enemies that close in to melee range.

I normally let my BOFFs fend for themselves, but occasionally it makes sense to pre-position them before starting a fight (for flanking bonuses), direct them to attack specific targets, or set them to a passive stance if I'm trying to get past a mob without a fight. It depends on the mission and what difficulty level you play at.

I think that it is for now, if I think of anything else I will be sure to raise it

Thank you!

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