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Originally Posted by baz177 View Post
Bridge officers, if I don't get the best ones while levelling will that cause me issues later in the game? Is it worth changing them on a regular basis or just sticking with my first ones?
Boff quality doesn't really mean much - it only applies to their passives, which overwhelmingly only apply in ground combat, and the difference between basic and superior traits isn't really a game changer. They also don't take part in any group content, like fleet events, STFs, or PVP.

The missions that are in the available tab on the quest log, do they display previously done missions? I am sure I have done a number of the explore the delta volanis cluster before...
Many missions are repeatable, others repeat daily, some rotate so each day you'll get one of several options.

Diplomatic missions, are these just normal missions but don't have combat? Do they award any different xp or anything? What about the exploration missions, are they just the same as the mission I mentioned above?
Diplomatic missions are non-combat. They give Diplomatic experience, which is one of the duty officer commendation categories. Your duty officers are generally much more efficient at getting that experience, but there's a bunch of options for doing it yourself to help out.

Is there a recommended way to kit out your BOFFS for ground combat or does it not make that much of a difference? Is it best to control them or leave them to their own devices?
There's a lot of schools of thought here, but my personal preference is one medic (science officer with four heals, make sure one of them is Nanite Health Monitor when you're fighting Borg), and then load the rest of the team with engineers trained in turrets, mortars, and drones. The AI is dumb, but engineers are good at just flooding the field with targets to overcome that problem. Borg adaptation is per-shooter, and most of those fabricated pets can remodulate, so this also helps keep fire on hard targets even when you or your boffs are locked out by adaptation.

As for control or leaving them to their own, using the Y key to focus them on difficult targets is a good idea, but against weaker groups I find it best to just let them spread out and shoot what they feel like.