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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Assimilated Module universal console, from Assimilation.
Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo, from Out In The Cold.

Also, some of the hybrid weapons (Phased-Polaron, Plasma-Disruptor, Polarized-Tetryon*, there may be others I've forgotten) are pretty effective, one you get past the whole no-modifiers thing.

*The sooner the KDF can have these, the better...
The breen stuff was out before it went F2P and so was the borg stuff.

The weapons you have listed are not End Game equipment and rather bad to use End Game. The new weapons would beat them hands down but they are all random drop from a box you buy.

That is all completely off topic (my fault).

They already have the skins for the shield and engine changes. Just need to add a way to do that by customization. It is sad to only let the lower levels look cool and once you get higher level you have to become a clone. We all need to look cool! Eye candy baby!