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New Block, Ignore, Avoid system should be put into place. Similar to say how the Consoles work. You complain about a player, block/ignore them. The STF que puts you in Teams without that player, or the Instance Que puts you on an instance without that player. that player also can't switch to that instance. Does that put strain on some situations. Sure, Does it work towards solving it, sure does.
I think that will solve most if not all the problems that are going on. Lets not continue discussing this situation though as it never goes anywhere besides becoming another closed thread.

On topic: I wouldn't mind more social items being introduced as well but like others have said, they would have to limited to the more social areas of the game like Drozana, bridges, and Starbases. That and there should be a way to make them not visible to those who don't want to see them like the current batch of social devices.
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