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If I'm in a hub zone like ESD, DS9, or yes, Drozana just doing my business, I pretty much ignore everybody else in the zone. I'm neither for nor against RP, I enjoy it at times but I don't have to be in-character every moment.

These hub zones are just not conducive to RP. A lot of people are there for a lot of different reasons.

Maybe this is a good argument for social zones that don't provide any real services like mail or exchange. Or where the service areas are tucked out of the way like they are on ESD. Naturally limiting the players present to people who want to be in that zone for other reasons.

Risa is not a bad example of such a place where there's no out-of-character reason to travel to.

This is also a really good use for starbases and bridges... places you can only get to by membership or invitation.

But I get that the issue is cross-faction as well. Drozana, DS9, and Deferi are the only places I can think of that are accessible to both sides.

(Forgot Nukara Prime, but it's kind of hard to socialize when you're being attacked by giant crystal spiders... )
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