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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Not an Excellent team, I wouldn't describe myself as excellent nor is my build the cutting edge of perfection. Just when everyone knows what they need to do and how to execute the plan next to no communication is needed and it goes without a hitch.

What do you mean an extra Tac Station? Are you asking for a 6th BOFF? Because I don't see any ship going over the 12 standard BOFF abilities every ship but the BoP has at T5.
They can lower our engineer skills or something. Not saying we have to go over 12 BoFF abilities. The assault cruiser just needs more assault to it. It would also no longer be a T5 ship, I want it over the T5 ship like all these other refits or new ships. I was looking for it to be an End Game ship up there with the other End game ships. I don't care if it is a fleet ship or a store bought ship (just don't put it in those damn boxes). Just want an End Game Sov ship.