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08-07-2012, 11:28 AM
Can you describe what you're doing and what your team mates are doing?

The general strategy that I tend to see work successfully is the four and one strategy, where four ships go to one gate and one ship goes to the other gate.

The four ships go about their standard business, destroy the generators, take care of probes, and then move on to the gate when the generators are down.

The one ship all by itself destroys the probes coming from the other gate but doesn't try to destroy the gate or the generators. the single ship can fire on the generators and damage them but not destroy them.

When a generator pops it summons spheres. It's a lot to ask of a single ship to kill the probes while defending themselves against spheres too. Often it results in probes squeeking by or the one ship getting killed leaving the centre gate defenseless.

Really, the single ship is there to destroy probes and that's it. Once the team of four destroys the complex on the one side they can scurry on over to the other side to blow up generators and the gate.

When I'm on probe duty by myself in a pug I leave the generators and the gate alone since there's a good chance that some doofus from the 4 man team figures that there's more glory on the other side and then pops the generators I've been damaging in short succession = death for the both of us. I figure if the generators are 100% it will take the doofus more time to kill one = more of a chance the other team will finish up and come to help.