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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
FTP don't pay and therefore should get less

Ah, but I'm a Silver account and I buy stuff on a regular basis. By that logic, I deserve as much as a Gold does.

And you're missing the point that there's nothing stopping a Gold from engaging in trollish behavior. So if they pay, it's okay?

see "live full time moderator"

That doesn't explain anything. Live full time moderators have to be paid, trained, and wouldn't magically know everything about every player that enters the instance. All they can do is watch and step in if the rules get violated... assuming there's a rule PWE considers worth actively monitoring for violation.

as to age its on your CREDIT card details in some cases

And some parents (not me) might pay for their kid's account. Not proof that the actual player is an adult. Some adults might use a Zen card instead of a credit card.

Point being the solution is not as simple or cut-and-dry as that.

1 for each of 2 instances

only talking about Drozana here

Fair enough. Maybe they could actively monitor one zone. Still don't think they would want to, for various reasons.

they could "hire" players (free gold members for doing a two hour shift each day)

{Sigh}. Gold membership does not qualify one for sainthood, or make one fit to be an in-game moderator. PWE is NOT going to invest non-employees with magical Dev powers to kick people out. Can't you see that is just not a reasonable proposal?

Freedom isn't free im afraid
No, it isn't. It isn't easy, either. Sometimes it means fighting injustice. Sometimes it means putting up with things you don't like to preserve the freedoms that matter and protecting people who are innocent of offense.

If you went to my fleet's forum, and read the 4F's for yourself, you'd understand what I mean by that. Whether we want to believe it or not, we all have a serious and sacred responsibility to each other -- even in a game.

I don't condone anyone going out of their way to spoil anybody's fun. Nor open hostilities and "Code 5", whatever that is. There's a reason those principles I call the 4F's include the words "Friendship" and "Fair-Play". "Freedom" and "Fun" don't mean a whole lot without them.

The full version of the 4F's:
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