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Originally Posted by dariusmajere View Post
Wall Of Text Alert.

I will Agree on New Social effects - costumes, Emotes.
LIMITED items effects IF kept to Ship use and your Fleets Starbase use only or a Dedicated Social zone, 47, Quarks, Yes Even Drozana since it is a NEUTRAL station.

I would love to have new costumes on the KDF SIDE and Fed side as well. Even open the Emotes up like Cryptic has been talking about forever doing and adding them to the GPL store.

Star Trek is more then just Star Fleet and the Klingons, outside of the entities the worlds have there own different social aspects and events and clothing. Not all of the planets dress in Star fleet regs, or Klingon Regs. The humans are not all in star fleet, just as you have some Klingons who keep out of the Military. Opening up more Social areas and ideas for the Game makes Sense. Honestly, Lets all wake up and realize there is more to the Trek universe then War. It was a VERY social show. The Exploration and meeting of new life forms, socially integrating one with the other so all could get ahead. Alot of you Swear by canon, But alot of you Forget outside the ship there was more to Trek then you pay attention to. Look at all the away missions and Delegations, how they dressed, how the people acted. Different punishments and Celebrations. Sure the show took place after a Federation ship, BUT the show pushed everything else not 100% Federation. The whole purpose behind the show was getting over everyones social differences and working together for the betterment of the civilizations. More Social ideas Make sense. The problem with the base is you have a 21st Century Mindset and not one based on Trek Values.

Have the Troll Fleets ruined alot of areas, Yes they have, Have some of them even jumped into STF's and other events to ruin it, Yes They have. Are they Jerks, Yes. We need a better way to deal with them.

New Block, Ignore, Avoid system should be put into place. Similar to say how the Consoles work. You complain about a player, block/ignore them. The STF que puts you in Teams without that player, or the Instance Que puts you on an instance without that player. that player also can't switch to that instance. Does that put strain on some situations. Sure, Does it work towards solving it, sure does.

But this Thread was about more social Things. I agree, again, to a point. But it's Cryptic and Perfect worlds Game. If they are not moderating there own areas like they are supposed to, then maybe its time to file complaints to higher areas. To force them to. Terms of Use and Terms of Service goes both ways. They Expect you to stick within a set guidlines, But the person agreeing to the Terms Expects the company to Adhere to them. I am sure there are ways to push towards moderation either within the company OR Externally threw higher end litigation or formal complaints with your governments entities (better business for example)

Now Lets stop bickering and Actually work together on ideas for improvement.
While there are a number of inaccurate statements and opinions that I do not agree with there are some good ideas.

Sollvax likes deliberately sabotaging STFs so having him blocked would help prevent him from sabotaging STFs or other pave events that people play.

In general we've found the loud angry people that challenge people to pvp manage to lose 15-0. If the loud angry people put people on ignore there would be a general improvement in pve and pvp performance. It's not a complete solution but it would help.

For social instances if people couldn't enter the same instance you would end with all the people engaged in cybersex accumulating in one instance. I would feel sorry for anyone entering that instance. It would probably make people quit playing out of disgust.

One social item that is missing is more costumes for KDF. Why is there only one costume set? Why is the mercenary set federation only? Are goons really that bad?