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08-07-2012, 01:15 PM
Hi and welcome back!
What they mean by training is that there is a NPC on Earth Space Dock that can change the skills of your BO. He is by the Medical area, or he is next to the fleet starter person.

Yes, blue means better, to a point. All skills can be trained on anyone of that class, eg. tac, traits are the only difference. I am a lvl 50 and I have 10 white human BOFF as my crew, about to be 12. I do mostly space so I am just going to keep them where they are. Shield recharge is a skill, not a trait. If you right click on the BO candidate and look at all the skills there, you will see 4 ones with yellow below them. Those are the traits for that BO.

Tac team 1 is a must. for the rest of the tac skills it depends on what ship you have.

AUX to SIF 2 or 3 is also a must. EP2 Weapons 1 is good.
Hazerd Emitters 1 is a must also. TSS 2 or 3 is very useful.
These are for space and should help you get started, the rest are really up to the players taste or build.
Hope this helps and see you around!
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