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08-07-2012, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post I know why there were only four of us-me and three low-rankers the other night in a Fleet action that has a minimum of 5...

BTW, we had a grand time, but losing that fifth ship before the fight even started didn't help matters.

the point of PUGging isn't fleet marks, or Dilithium or Drops, it's PLAYING the one point, YOU were a Lt. or a Cdr., or a Capt., at one point, some elitist douche probably whined about YOU being underfoot.

You don't like the random nature of PUGs with no control over what "quality" (and I use the term LOOSELY) your team is? Fine, if you can find five people who will hang with you, you should run as a team, or stick to Private instances, or rank-limited events-where you can be among your Peers (if they'll have you.)

The real test of skill isn't having everything under ideal circumstances, it's adapting to difficulties and still triumphing. if you can't handle a Starbase Incursion, Starbase Defense, Blockade, or other Fleet-mark event without being surrounded by only L50 or better armed out with bleeding edge STF gear, you're not the top dog you THINK you are.

I'll take a Lt. Jr Grade in a Miranda over a guy like you on my team any day, under any circumstances-because said LTJG is a hell of a lot more likely to at least TRY to contribute, instead of whining and stomping off.
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