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Was playing Khitomer Accord Ground (Elite) STF yesterday and ended up having one person leave the game just before the final boss. 3 out of 4 of us ended up getting the Prototype Tech Armor drop once we beat the final boss (the other person left immediately after completion so do not know if this happened for all of us or not). I was chatting with one of the other team members, that was their 3rd prototype drop in Elite this week alone. Anyone else have this sudden new found luck or has there been some kind of update to the drop rate as of late? Just curious...

I've been pretty regular at playing a few STF's a day since before Season 6 and haven't noticed anything immediately different since Season 6 launched.

Worth pointing out that the PvE Queue happened to not be working again immediately after we finished this STF so maybe this was a special little timing surprise? Haha!