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08-07-2012, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by uxvorastrix View Post
I saw at least a half dozen instances of Starfleet Dental fleet members harassing the roleplayers. Trying to pick fights in chat, spamming chat, fire extinguishers, party poppers, and using their characters to jump on roleplayers.
I tend to stand around in Droz between queue pops and I have never once seen a Dental member "spam the chat" or try to pick fights (outside of trying to get people to PVP, which is perfectly fine). Doing so is explicitly against Dental's rules. I have, however, had abuse and even death threats directed against me via tells merely for having the Starfleet Dental tag over my head.

We have no problem with people who just want to roleplay space captains or whatever. That's harmless and they're not hurting anyone (in fact they add to the atmosphere of the game). The dancing and extinguishers are (intended to be) exclusively targeted at people who carry out erotic roleplay activities in public, which is highly inappropriate for a free-to-play game rated for children.