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08-07-2012, 07:26 PM
See, I experimented with my own 'clients' first.

Now, if everyone else wanted to do something constructive about the 'lower player quality in Season 6', this is the most effective way to do so.

I am not a fan of disciminating against noobs and PUGs. Infact, I've been pugging STFs ever since I started playing them and have little problems achieving victory.

Some people wonder why I have no problems with PUGs, space or ground. After all "Everyone runs with their chat window closed".

Well this is the best time to find out about not just game-winning procedures and exploits but to learn about indirect, unspoken (untyped) communication, harnessing a full range of proven leadership skills to bring victory for total strangers and make friends out of them.

In time, we created a whole fleet out of this "new mode of gameplay" that certain large STO fleets completely shunned; this whole fleet is now Elite STF capable with little preparation, no voice comms, and they're being trained in VA level PvP with some unique combat proven ship build concepts as well.

Making a graphical guide for the most basic gameplay mode of them all - STFs - and they are VERY basic due to their repetitious and static nature, is something of a service to the community that has encouraged me to develop new and more effective ways of player development.

But of course, if everyone wants to post in the "STF noob fails" threads and do naught about it then we will not share these guides at all but post them on DeviantArt or other non-gaming sci fi communities not as a game guide but as a study in real-world paramilitary strategies converted into a SF format.

There are such things as study sims and there are some of us who have delved into the realm of SF writing and indie game development as well, so I shan't waste time on this endeavour if there is no open interest in such.

Remember - If you feel that your PUG game experience sucks, then the right thing to do is not whine but do something about it. It's not difficult to bring newbies from cadet level to VA level and it's not necessary for them to sit sifting through Walls of Text (tm) and confusing endgame concepts, and get yelled at by self-styled veterans on teamspeak.

All that is needed is to engage people, and they shall bring you victory. And they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
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