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Originally Posted by walkincrow View Post

On a good team, we kill the mission. Finish the option with almost 5 mins to spare. Finish the boss off,everyone grabs their loot. I give a well deserved "gg" to the team and one player responds, "FU". I'm totally puzzled, this rude player explains that we moved through the mission to fast and we didn't share any of the optional loot with her. Obviously, she doesn't understand the roll system, I didn't get anything either. Thanks for the kind words. I guess next time I will have to remember to "slow down" for "special" players.
That's funny, but I've had that to from people who don't understand it, or those that get mad when I wind up getting the 2 rare salvage pieces from the optional bag. Of course they haven't been paying attention and don't realize that I've passed on every single drop so they can keep equiping their skittle boats with Mk X crap.