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08-07-2012, 08:48 PM
This should be done sooner than later.

But, seeing the greatness of this idea and then not seeing anyone else other than my fellow captains commenting, a nerve struck me. I got really mad. Then I thought "is this realm obsessed with the search/masteriing of power that the slightest idea of sharing power is too much for most to comprehend.

What carmenara seeks to accomplish could make it a better experience for ALL. You know... the day when every PUG stf is a wholesome and rewarding experience because you are with these new people that looked at a strategy guide instead of blindly jumping in? You come into a queue, play and win, and get to meet people who want to know about your style. Or have an idea to teak your build? Instead of just a "GG" and run... itr ends up being sorta like the quintessential "Top Gun" thing, and you all just ang out and chill?

Honestly, I wouldn't want the vibe of STO to be something else. But it is.

On a franchise filled with messages of hope, tolerance, team building, confidence, etc... We instad have this stigma WITHIN THE GAME of "Oh, i am elite, lookit all my gear, ain't i the best, i don't deal with newbs" or "can't stand newbs, so i must make them feel unwelcome" needs to stop. You are all whining about why the game has so many issues??? Has anyone ever thought that the reason why it seems so bad to you is because you make it so? Why do you think Cryptic is pushing mediocre content at a fast pace instead of fixing their problems? Because... New users generate sales. Sales that aren't happening because Not that many people are willing to come to an MMO where the new player is automatically loathed because:

1. he's new
2. not that many fleets in the STO realm wish, nor need to invest in the new players...
3. A new user wouldn't know where the STOwiki site is, but knows what a Primo Guide is.

So yeah, now the new guide downloaded the strategy guide. And he reads it, and he gains the knowledge, and then he applies it, and then he sees that it works, and words spread around. Soon you'll see that everything runs smoother, you find yourself wanting to destroy the Borg. People respond better to ideas. And the realm in general gets friendlier. And then Cryptic wouldn't have to defend keeping STO in the f2p style by pushing out expensive and useless stuff I know is only there to make the new player seem like he's a cash cow in here...

So yeah guys... you should all be disappointed in yourselves if you are that selfish that you wouldn't want to help another person >:C