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[quote=pianowizzy;5174331]Some things I still haven't figured out having hit Captain 34...

- How do I create a team? For example, during Borg events, keeping track of allies is much easier if we were in a team...[quote]
You can select and right click someone either onscreen or through the chat box and select "Invite to Team" However, it is polite to try to ask the person first before attempting to team them.

- How do I obtain more Lobi Crystals?
Lobi crystals are special currency won through the lockbox reward system. You pick the lockboxes for free as loot, and you buy keys from the zen store for $1 each. Each lockbox has a random assortment of prizes, including unique ships and gear. Right now, there is a chance to receive a Tholian Carriar or Cruiser, as well as a two mirror universe ships. However, each box will have a minimum or 4 lobi crystals each, but sometimes more

Here is a complete article about the Lockboxes

- Where exactly can fleet credits be used?
Fleet credits are earn by contributing to fleet projects that help build the Starbase. Once the Starbase has reached a minimum level, store start to unlock on the your fleet's starbase that offer goods for both fleet credits and energy credits. However, the stores that take fleet credits must be provisioned, or stocked, through another fleet project before goods become available.

Run around inside and ask every NPC you see. They will tell you if you can shop there or not and what is required before they will open.