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08-07-2012, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by velktra View Post
Click on someone's ship then right-click their name and choose "Invite to team". You can also right-click their name in the chat and do the same.

Some people (like me) don't like random team invites though. Make sure they know why you're trying to team with them before inviting.
I hate random invites of any kind, and I have argued against them in every game I have played. They are rude. Proper etiquette is to send a tell asking if someone wants to join a team giving the reasons for the invite, etc. However, he is not talking about a random invite in this case.

He asked specifically about being in a Borg Invasion instance. There are only five people in the instance, and everyone knows why they are there. Expecting a detailed explanation of why you are sending an invite in such cases is a waste of everyone's time. In such cases, the invite is hardly random.

You are correct about most situations, but there are cases where explanations are redundant and unnecessary.