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08-07-2012, 09:16 PM
Well in the trek universe Andorians are known for being fierce and honorable warriors who will fight to the bitter end....

So howzabout some sort of "Go Down fighting" ability that grants a bonus to damage dealing as the ship's hull drops:
- under 75% hull strength grants a 10% boost to all attack damage
- under 50% hull strenght a 25% bonus to attack damage and a 25% reduction in cooldown times for weapons arrays
- under 25% hull strength grants a 50% boost to attack damage, and a 50% reduction in weapon cooldown times
- under 10% hull strength grant a 75% boost to attack damage and a 75% reduction to weapon cooldowns...
- 0% hullstrength the vessel destruct withs higher damage output, and 2X range of standard ship destruction...

It would make the ship a fiercer opponent as it sustains more damage, and maybe give the smurfs a chance to escape destruction...
also would give captains an interesting conundrum as they would need to decide just how close to destruction they are willing to get to allow their ship to go in tradeoff for the extra damage output... a real risk vs reward