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Originally Posted by sotaudi View Post
I hate random invites of any kind, and I have argued against them in every game I have played. They are rude. Proper etiquette is to send a tell asking if someone wants to join a team giving the reasons for the invite, etc. However, he is not talking about a random invite in this case.

He asked specifically about being in a Borg Invasion instance. There are only five people in the instance, and everyone knows why they are there. Expecting a detailed explanation of why you are sending an invite in such cases is a waste of everyone's time. In such cases, the invite is hardly random.

You are correct about most situations, but there are cases where explanations are redundant and unnecessary.
I don't like random invites in the warzone or Borg invasion either. If I don't know the invite is coming, I always decline it. You can invite someone to your team via the chat even if they've left your zone; if I can't see your ship (you're behind something, you're on the other side of the zone, etc.) then I don't know why you're trying to team with me. Even in those situations, it's best to ask first. It's not that hard to take a few seconds to type into zone chat that you'd like to team up before you start the fight.
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