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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Duty Officers:
  • Added "Officer Exchange" assignments to Personnel Officers at Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy.
    • These officers will allow you to take assignments that will exchange a single Green, Blue or Purple Duty Officer for 3 of one rarity level lower.
      • e.g.: 1 Green for 3 Whites
There are some UI issues. When you select the Very Rare or rare Exchange, it closes the window with the personnel officer. This does not happen when you select the uncommon exchange, her window remains open.

Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]New fleet duty officers are now available!
    • As with all Duty Officers, the type received is random.
I purchased about 100 Tactical boxes. I might say that opening them individually was quite cumbersome and I think an "Open All" command might be helpful here. Aside from that, they may be random but there are a preponderance of Ground and Space Warfare Specialists. It is almost as if each "Specialists Species" is being treated as a separate class. Whatever the reason is, they are swamping out the other Tactical and Security DOFFs.

There is also still the UI bug where if you do the same Exchange Mission more than once, the second time and beyond, your slottable DOFFs will not show unless you click on the empty DOFF slot in the lower right of the Assignment. This is a longstanding bug (Since Season 5's launch) that occurs with the "Reassign Underperforming Officers" on the Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, Naussican, Orion, Gorn, and Factional Personnel Officers.

P.S. Can someone check on the Cryptic's Tribbles Fleet Starbase and slot some projects? There are some of us who feel it necessary to keep progressing so we can test things at higher tiers.

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