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So yeah guys... you should all be disappointed in yourselves if you are that selfish that you wouldn't want to help another person >:C

Pretty much hit the nail on the head why I delved into fleets. Never thought of joining a fleet or trying to operate one until May or so.

I don't think that the general issue is "People not wanting to help", as in Ground Elites you actually see a lot of experienced players helping the new guys along. You need a full team and good DPS to even have a chance at winning the Elite ground bosses and there is a set procedure to so there's incentive for everyone to work with each other.

Granted the success rate is not 100%. When you see those guys in Mark 8 gear doing no damage to the Borg, or come in with 30+ injuries on their toon... you know you gotta bail because it's not possible to solo Armek.

In space too I wouldn't say "no one is bothered to help" - when I was a noob once I had a hell of a time receiving targeting instructions from people RPing themselves as task force commanders. It made learning the right stuff that much easier.

So what we are doing is not really reinventing the wheel (There are a number of STF help channels out there now) - but making the war-winning strategies more accessible and more easily understood.

Right now you actually have people out there running ISE without ever realizing there is something such as 10%.

Telling people to 10% doesn't get them to be team players, as we all can attest to by all the ISE fails posted on this forum.

What those new players need is not procedure calls... but synergy. Because once you start dumbing down the strategies into something palatable for all, and focus on individual player to player interaction as a basic building block for team cohesion, you realize 10% is not the only way to get an Elite Optional.

There are so much more strategies out there which are undocumented, so many more ship and character builds that will win the ESTF for you than just the optimal ones.

New instructional methods and new, easier-understood methods of communication can definitely be a boon to all, and what better way to start than by converting our routine daily STF runs into some sort of post-war historical documentation that is both instructional and entertaining?
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