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08-08-2012, 12:24 AM
Something to consider, is that Fleet events are also training grounds-a low-end player can learn a lot (or fail to learn a lot) that MIGHT help their team when he or she DOES get to a level where they can run STF's, just from having the experience of playing with others on a mission. For instance, seeing exactly how a bad build (say, a rainbow cruiser) isn't much use, or learning more about how and WHEN to use their DOFF powers. There is a lot that experienced players can use to teach newer guys that want to move up to playing STF's.

And I'm not just talking low-levels, there are plenty of people out there who promoted WAYYY too fast, got to VA, and didn't (and still don't) understand how to use their BOFFs, DOFFs, why matching weapons and consoles is important, or how to play well with others (as in: passing out heals to teammates instead of just using them on yourself!!)

It can't possibly cost that much to take a moment before and after and talk to the new guys about how they can do better next time, or to message that low-rank new guy and invite him in to run with you-the losses are trivial in Fleet events, unlike Elite STFs where damage actually accrues and takes resources to fix, and it can only strengthen your fleet if the FNG's not only think their fleet cares about their progress, but that maybe the experienced guys actually know what they're going through, and are willing to help them out.

It builds things like Esprit D'Corps, Fleet Loyalty, it boosts the output over-all of fleet members, with the benefit of pumping the fleet treasury, builds up cameraderie, and it works as better advertising than spamming "Join My Fleet" on the chat box/mailboxes.

Some of the mid-and-up tier Starbase projects require massive infusions of...stuff. Easier to get if your fleet is growing, as opposed to shrinking or staying the same, and you'll get more active play and support from guys who had good experiences at low levels than you will from strangers who joined to unlock the third outfit slot.