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Out of the box ST:O got the shield config wrong- they use a 4 sided 'box', where canon and many other trek games are hexagonal (6 sides). Strike 1.

ST:O configures the weapons into the 4 sided box with fore/aft only arcs, where most other trek space games use the hexagonal model where there are left/right firing arcs. Strike 2.

ST:O forced the Federation sci-cruiser doctrine onto the KDF cruisers, making them primarily science/exploration cruisers instead of 'Battle' cruisers that warlike species use to conquer enemies with. Strike 3.

ST:O took a stupid B&B theme and ran with it- they took a small/lightly armed patrol ship (BoP) and turned into the heart of the fleet, with powers beyond absurd. Side retired.
To me all the games appear to have got stuck on the board game concept - space is 3D - so why no "upper" and "lower" shields/weapons?