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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
That is a question you and most everyone else on these forums have been asking themselves, or even directly to me. Many remain mystified

The short answer is rather long, so bear with me:

I've been with STO since Open Beta, therefore I have seen everything Cryptic has done, ALL OF IT. I have seen their business decisions, many of their comments, seen their interviews on STOked and all their collections of ST memorabilia (did i spell that right?), and so on and so forth.

My opinion of all that, is that the Cryptic devs themselves, are good people, doing what they can with a business and with the ST IP in an MMO format. Therefore, I am with Cryptic, knowing full well there are good intentions between everything they do, or try to do. I realize it is the workings of their employers (Atari, and now PWE) who are the ones who desire money, and could care less about how they get it.

Therefore, I support Cryptic, but I do not support their employers. Because it is my belief the core root of the current issues is PWE, not Cryptic.

Why do I continue to do so, even now? One, because I hate when something I like and respect is insulted/bashed/flamed/etc in any way. And two, because I do not believe 'following orders' is grounds for blame for something so minor as business decisions over a game.

THAT is why I support Cryptic, even having been here since Open Beta, and all the implications that intails. It is my humble opinion, and I stand by it.

Well Said! I read so many of these threads and have also been here since the beginning as a lifetime subscriber. I've seen things for the better and the worse but I'm here to enjoy myself for the hundreds of $$$ I've spent. I can choose to let little details bother me or work within the system and enjoy myself. I think suggestions are great but the flood of complaining and whining over trivial matters since F2P is ridiculous. The game devs and everyone involved want you to enjoy the game. An artist doesn't paint a picture so everyone hates his work. I say everyone offer constructive feedback and when something good comes along like the FM modification... be happy