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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Oh great you're about to kill doffing.

What's the point of playing the officer exchanges, asylums, and colonial chains if fleets are able to buy any doff they want without playing the game or using the exchange?
I dont see how its going to kill doff or in fact even do any harm?

you still have to be in a fleet, get a tier 2 or above facility which is not easy, spend fleet credits which still require an effort to obtain to acquire a doff that may have a different skill to what is already there.

the officer exchange is free. asylums are a little more complex but still free. the exchange is an easy way to get what you want with EC. considering starbases are causing players to have to dump a huge number of doffs into the system that we never get back, adding another way to claim them is a good move.

None of the above ways will go away or become obsolete, and you naturally have to play the game to earn resources to help make new tiers and earn fleet credits.

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